The Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative was founded in 2012 as a service center to assist conservation organizations in southern Maine with hands on assistance specific to organizational needs. Because our theory of change is rooted in the idea that solutions forged together and in partnership are more lasting and effective, we also serve to build connections within the conservation sector, and between conservation and broader community issues.

Context and Future Forces

The Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative (SMCC) assists York and Cumberland County conservation organizations to acquire, manage and steward land and water in their communities by providing professional support services, collaborative learning, and networking opportunities. Our strategic focus is guided by the following beliefs:

  • There are many organizations working toward smart and effective land conservation in York and Cumberland Counties.
  • Awareness of the importance of land and resource conservation to community health is increasing in communities. As such, the work of conservation organizations is becoming more integrated within the wider context of community health.
  • There is a growing emphasis on educating young people about the health benefits of conservation.
  • Climate change and increasing threats to water, air, soil and forest health will necessitate broader public engagement in conservation.

Mission Statement

To accelerate conservation work in southern Maine by providing technical and administrative support and expanding meaningful partnerships.


Our vision is to strengthen organizations committed to protecting our environment. We know that together we can do more and our purpose is to create and expand meaningful partnerships among conservation organizations. By sharing resources, our collective impact will lead to better conservation and healthier communities.

Strategic Priority Areas

  • Improve the coordination and effectiveness of numerous organizations that work on protecting land and water in York and Cumberland Counties by providing professional support services, collaborative learning, and networking opportunities.
  • Facilitate projects to tangibly illustrate the power of partnership and regional collaboration that will enhance ecological connectivity between the organizations and within the region.
  • Clearly communicate trends in land and water conservation, current and future threats, and solutions to member organizations, citizens, and community leaders in the region.
  • Leverage additional private and public investment in conservation to provide the greatest benefit for current and future generations of the region’s residents and ecosystems.
  • Build relationships with community partners to connect land and water conservation with different sectors so that local projects on the ground can illustrate relevance and interdependence.