Building Our Strength By Facing Our Weaknesses

SMCC is coordinating a program for the SMCC Members to broaden our understanding of how diversity, equity, and inclusion relate to our work in conservation. The Fund for Maine Land Conservation has provided funding to support a variety of trainings, workshops, and activities as part of this program. At the end of April, 23 people from 15 different conservation organizations participated in the Maine-Wabanaki REACH Workshop. In this workshop, volunteer leaders facilitated discussions and interactive experiences to deepen our knowledge of the Native Tribal experience in Maine past and present. The next phase has been a 3-part webinar series with the Avarna Group. These sessions are providing us all with language, framework, and tangible strategies to help us as individuals and as organizations become more resilient, responsive, and inclusive. The deep work of acknowledging the privilege and barriers is essential for conservation to remain relevant